Our goal at Peaceful River Winery is to produce small batch fruit wines that taste like fresh picked fruit. Our fruit is grown locally and of the finest quality. We grow most of the fruit ourselves. The fruit that we do not grow is grown in North East Wisconsin. We are committed to using the finest quality fruit never bruised or overripe. The fruit juice is extracted only through pressing or juicing, never cooked or steamed, to preserve that fresh flavor. Every glass tastes fresh picked.


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Peaceful River Winery not only produces delicious wines that will leave you wanting more, but we also sell homemade maple syrup. Shop the winery today and experience the delicious flavors Peaceful River Winery has to offer.
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Our Specialty

We specialize in unique sweet fruit wines which are meant to finish your meal, or as a dessert. They pair well with fresh fruit and desserts. Most fruit does not have the natural high sugar content to wine grapes to achieve the alcohol content desired. Our fruit wine is made through a process called chaptalization. Chaptalization adds additional sugar to the fruit at the time of fermentation to achieve the desired alcohol content. Served chilled, our wines leave you with a fresh fruity finish.

The brewing process

Our brewing process takes time. We use time proven methods allowing our wine to brew and filter slowly. This allows our wines have the freshest purest flavor combination available. By giving the wine the time to rest and filter slowly fewer additives are needed to provide a clear sediment free wine. Our goal is to make the most flavorful/natural wine possible.