Sharon & Rick Pingel

Peaceful River Winery and Spa was started in 2014 by Rick and Sharon Pingel. For them, making wine started in 2007 as a hobby. Their family and friends loved the wine so much they were encouraged to produce their wines commercially.

Rick and Sharon’s goal at Peaceful River Winery is to produce single batch fruit wines that taste like fresh picked fruit. Their fruit is of the finest quality. The fruit juice is extracted through pressing or juicing, never cooked or steamed, to preserve that fresh flavor.

At Peaceful River Winery they specialize in unique sweet wines which are meant to be paired with fresh fruit and desserts to finish a meal. Their wines are served chilled and leave a fresh fruity finish in your mouth.

Sharon has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997 and has always dreamed of opening a Spa. When they started discussing the option of opening a Winery it seemed natural to combine their Winery with their Spa, which in return joins Sharon’s two passions into one.

Sharon believes that Massage Therapy offers more than a physical healing. As the pain and stress leave your body you feel calm and refreshed. When you leave Peaceful River Spa you will feel rejuvenated; able to face life’s challenges once again.


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